Meow Wolf Convergence Station
 A six episode animated series called the Forgotten Four was created for MeowWolf's newest location in Denver, Colorado. This was pretty far out from my usual commercial experience and it was absolutely blast to be a part of this wild immersive fun house project. I lead one of the episodes and had free reign to act out my characters. This was also my first time working with lip-sync in the freelance world which adding that extra element of excitement when the characters came to life in line.
I added below some of my favorite scenes I animated.
 Meow Wolf
My Role
 Lead Animator


Directors Elyse Kelly & Jason Carpenter
Producer Holly Stone
Production Assistant Margaret Neely
Art Directors Sam Bass, Anna Bron, Naghmeh Farzaneh, Matt Reynolds, Danski Tang
Storyboard Artists Danny Aviles, Sam Bass, Anna Bron, Naghmeh Farzaneh, Matt Reynolds, Sara Spink, Danski Tang
Character Designers Sam Bass, Anna Bron, Naghmeh Farzaneh, Rachel Reid, Matt Reynolds, Danski Tang
Designers Hannah McNally, David Navas
Lead Animators Anna Bron, Flora Caulton, Joumana Ismail, Aira Joana, Christine Le
Animators Sam Bass, Rohan McDonald, José Goyo Moreno, Kiana Naghshineh, Inari Sirola, Sabine Volkert, Andrew Whyte
Assistant Animators Lalita Brunner, Sofia Diaz, Kat Michaelides, Margaret Neely, Hannah O'Brien, Dena Springer
Cleanup & Color Hannah Brewerton, Lalita Brunner, Sanjana Chandrasekhar, Sofia Diaz, Tash Dupker, Michelle Ku, Kat Michaelides, Margaret Neely, Hannah O'Brien, Sarah Rothenberger, Andreia Serrano, Sara Spink, Dena Springer, Leana Leon Yonan, Holly Warburton
Compositors Anna Bron, Jason Carpenter, Tom Fisher, Scott Ingalls, Elyse Kelly, Michael O'Donnell
Editors Elyse Kelly, Dan Fipphen
Trailer Editor Ellie Speare
Post Sound Services & Sound Design Boom Box Post
Sound Design Skillbard

MeowWolf Creative Team
Denver Senior Creative Director Chadney Everett
Senior Creative Director, Exhibition Content Tristan Love
Creative Producer Alethea C. Avramis
Executive Producer Michael Becker
Senior Creative Producer, Exhibition Content Cathleen Sutherland
Story Development Director, Writer James Longmire
Senior Story Creative Director, Writer Joanna Garner
Writers Eric Anthony Glover, Billiam Rodgers, Tyler English-Beckwith, Collin Stapleton
Senior Story Editor Michael Wilson
Post Production Manager Jeni Nelson
Post Production Director Brad Wolfley
Audio Specialist, Sound Engineer Jeff Nelson
Original Music Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
Music Assistant Carlos Ramirez
Vocalists Sitara Schauer, Willa Roberts, Nicolle Jensen, Alysha Shaw, Max Kluger-Bell
Selected Press
303 Magazine

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