Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
Artist from around the world were asked to take part in creating an animated piece for the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, highlighting the many environmental, social and economic challenges while raising attention towards the upcoming United Nations Climate Action Summit that will be taking place on September 23, 2019.
Huge shot out to cccccccstudios for organizing this entire project and for the many artists who have made their contributions. It was such a pleasure to work with the talented Arm Sattavorn and Camille Vincent. I couldn't have asked to work, cry and sweat over this piece with a better team.
The other shorts can be found at framesforfuture.
My Role
Storyboard & Concept / Art Direction / Illustration

Storyboard & Concept Dev by Arm Sattavorn, Christine Le, Camille Vincent 
Art Direction by Christine Le
Illustration by Christine Le and Arm Sattavorn
Character Design by Camille Vincent, Christine Le
Animation & Compositing by Arm Sattavorn and Camille Viincent
Sound Design by QB sound

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