Noosa Greek
A fun colourful spot  through the agency Conte Nast to introduce Noosa's, real fruit, honey and high protein Greek yogurt. I had the fortunate experience to work with an amazing team at Mighty Oak down in New York to create a 1 minute spot which showcases my  two favourite animation mediums: stop-motion and 2d animation.
You can also watch the spot in this link. 
 Noosa Yogurt x Conde Nast
My Role
 Art Direction / 2D Animation


Direction  and Production by Elyse Kelly
Writing by David Ebert 
Voice Over by Jaye Rosenberg

Storyboards by Danny Aviles 
Art Direction by Christine Le
Stop-mo Animation by Victoria Arslani, Anthony Galante
2D Animation by Christine Le

Food Photography and Styling by Aaron Bernstein
Composting by Andrew Yates
Sound Design by Anthony Galante

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